About i-Guard


What is i-Guard?

i-Guard is a simple and reliable solution for securing your construction equipment, off road vehicle, or boat. Developed by Strattec Security, i-Guard uses automotive technology to disable your equipment and prevent theft before it occurs!

Equipment theft is estimated to be $1 billion annual loss in North America. Since the 1990\'s it has been standard for automotive manufacturers worldwide to include RFID chips with their keys to immobilize the vehicle and prevent theft. Strattec is the largest provider of OEM automotive security in North America and has brought their expertise to the construction vehicle, off road vehicle and boat market through the introduction of i-Guard. i-Guard adds the immobilizer technology that you trust on your automobile to your construction equipment, off road vehicle and boat. By adding i-Guard to your equipment you can reduce insurance losses, decrease your premiums, and stop lost productivity from stolen equipment.

Able to withstand a variety of extreme weather conditions, i-Guard is completely weather tight and can be easily customized to all your customer electronic system requirements.

Whether you are looking to retrofit your existing keyed application, or you want to completely switch it out, i-Guard has a solution for you.

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